Instructions for creating Video Feedback:
1. video camera - doesn't need to be flash, the simpler the better really, but some lighting / brightness / darkness switchs could help. I used an old Sony 8mm. Manual zoom is great.
2. tv set.
3. RF / Aerial cords - connect these up so that you can see what you're filming on the tv. Turn on the camera, not the camera's playback device.
4.On the tv, turn down the brightness, turn down the colour & up the contrast. Also up the contrast on the camera.
5. Point the camera at the screen, zoomed out.
What you're looking for is a point of light on the screen. This is the light that is looping between the camera and the tv. This light is reflection of the light in the room. This is the light that develops into the patterns you see on this page.
6. Zoom in slowly until you find a steady but life-like white dot on the screen. You'll need to play around with light settings on the equiptment.
7. Once you have captured the light in the loop and found the right lighting settings, zoom in SLOWLY on the white dot. Experiment with slight rotations of the camera